Toddler Care


Toddlers hold a special place in childhood. No longer Infants, they need to be respected for their budding independence and abilities, but not yet preschoolers with all their social skills and language. Here at Wee Care we relish in their development, as the first 3 years is so important for all areas of development! It is a ying and yang stage of "Me do!" independence and "You do!" compliance and new words struggling to replace impulsive gestures.

Toddlers are eager learn and try new things, and their play is parallel but not yet fully cooperative. Our environment at Wee Care provides room for the toddler to explore and feel confident; to try new things and be loved and encouraged. We provided structure that allows for flexibility and supports their growing attention span and developing self help skills.

Our teachers understand their outbursts, silliness, need to explore but have a safe hug to return to! They provide lots of choices and experiences from hands on, messy mud play to dress-up and story time.

Our Rates

  5 days 4 days 3 days 2 days
Toddlers $372 $343 $295 $235

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