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In the Beginning


In the beginning, Wee Care started as a dream of Kim and Dolores to provide a caring, nurturing place for Alex, Kim’s daughter. Knowing what makes quality early education and care, doing it “right” was the driving force. In 1994, Wee Care was born at Main Street Southborough. A small, home-like center providing excellence in care and education, and support for families. Wee Care expanded to Breakneck Hill in Southborough two years later to meet the high demand for the quality care Wee Care provided. Kim and Dolores are still as committed to the care and education of children as we were in the beginning. They are still as hands-on today, providing a supportive place for children, parents, and staff.

Our Vision

Wee Care for little people is committed to provide a place where children and families receive responsive, individualized care every day. Our environment is clean, safe, loving, and facilitates learning, play, and a sense of wonder everyday. Our staff is professional, informed, and supportive to the ever-changing needs of children and families in our care everyday.

Childhood happens everyday. Wee are here to make sure it is enjoyed, celebrated, and respected for the once-in-a-lifetime event that it is.

Our Founders

Dolores and Kim
Dolores and Kim

Kim and Dolores, daughter-mother co-founders of Wee Care for little people, Inc., had a vision of a center that was supportive and inviting for both children and adults. In 1994, that vision took shape as they opened Wee Care at Main Street.

Kim’s background includes a Masters in Education from Wheelock College and over 15 years of experience in child care and education of young children. Kim has three daughters of her own, Alex, Olivia and Abi.

Dolores began in child care by working part-time with Kim at a center in which she was directing. Her background in business and, of course, raising her own three children, led to her finding a home in child care.

Both Kim and Dolores are committed to keeping childhood a priority for children and supporting teachers and parents in their work with children. Actively participating in early childhood organizations, including NAEYC and the World Forum, and providing many hours of training to their teachers, Kim and Dolores are dedicated to the life-long learning of the adults of Wee Care as well as the children.

Our Philosophy

The foundation of Wee Care is firmly grounded in the belief that our first and foremost responsibility to families is to provide a completely safe and caring place for children to learn and grow, and provide a supportive and informative place for parents to parent in this busy world. Wee Care's curriculum is child directed and provides developmentally appropriate learning experiences to promote each individual child's fullest potential in the areas of social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

Finally, Wee Care values and encourages a learning environment that celebrates beauty, respects the environment, and incorporates life experiences, creativity, and diversity.

Wee Care for little people, Inc. does not discriminate in providing services to children and their families on the basis of race, religion, cultural heritage, political beliefs, national origin, marital status, sexual preference, or disability.

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